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Jupri Design has been developed by South Australian visual artist Julie Pritchard, who has been creating unique kiln-fired glass ware since 1994.

Working from a fully equipped studio, Julie is constantly inspired to create new images.  As well as creating one-off ‘collector’ pieces, she enjoys making vibrant limited edition production artwork.

Kiln-fired glass
Each glass dish is hand cut and edge-worked before being individually hand painted, then kiln fired at over 800ºc.  This enables the paint to actually melt into the surface of the glass, giving a brilliant gloss and permanency.

The glass dishes are available in a range of sizes,
from 10cm square up to large platters in 10mm thick glass.

More recently a variety of hand painted, kiln-fired fun decor magnets have been added to the product range.  The magnets are available in various sizes, in glass and ceramic.  All are hand decorated with original designs, and are fitted with quality magnets.

 roses 32 cm home page view






For more information about products or sales
phone: +61 418 850 234  or email:  

 All images are original copyright designs by Julie Pritchard,
and cannot be copied or reproduced for any purpose without the express permission of the artist.

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